La Citadelle

News, December 1998

Three things happened just before Christmas: we had photos from the architect of the Owl Barn with the windows and doors completed, most of the functional end of the central heating was replaced after its recent failure when it was tested in preparation for Matthew's party at New Year, and the temperature in southern France in late December was 21 degrees Centigrade (70 degrees Fahrenheit).

The photos below show a "before-after" progression, and an anticlockwise twirl around the Owl Barn last week:

September 1997

September 1997

February 1998

October 1998

December 1998 1: from the north-west

December 1998 2: the main doors and bedroom over

December 1998 3: l-r bathroom, bedroom 2, main doors

December 1998 4: bathroom and bedroom 2

December 1998 5: bathroom 2 and back of sitting room

December 1998 6: veranda doors to sitting room

December 1998 7: veranda windows from kitchen

... and just when we had despaired of it ever being finished. Now the electrician can finish his work, the floor tiling can be done, and we need to choose fittings for two bathrooms and the kitchen ... and pay for it all! We will be in France in late May to start arranging for the internal fitting out.

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